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Reunion 2014 -- San Antonio, TX

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The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association held its 2014 reunion 6 - 9 March in
San Antonio, Texas.


LTC J.P. Maddaloni, Commander, 1-14FAR
MAJ Dave Freeman, Executive Officer, 1-14FAR
MAJ Andy Kerin and Family, S-3, 1-14FAR
Albert and Anita Alfaro
John and Janie Balasko
Roger and Marty Bernardi
Richard and Carolyn Brown
Bob and Frieda Bruce
Ed Bushik
Don and Pat Clay
Richard and Silvia Commisso
Joe and Joyce Goeke
Jerry and Shirley Goos
Nick and Carla Hensley
Roy and Edie Huff
Eric Kroah
David and Debbie Laukat
Jim and Evie Marlow
Clarence and Barbara Marrs
Dave McMillan
Gary and Ginny Patton
Dennis and Mary Proulx
Alex and Nancy Reid
Tom and Gloria Rezentes
David and Judy Ryan
Michael and Diane Schwank
Clem and Hanna Smiley
Bob and Lynnis Sorensen
David and Linda Termin
Jim and Mary Lou Vickrey
Rex and Bobbie Weaver
Doc and Suzie Weishaar


Thursday, March 6

1300 - 2130      Registration, visiting, Hospitality Room

1800                 Meet in the Hospitality Room to join others for trip
                         to supper. Group walks or drive or trolley to
                         Mi Tierra (with Mexican Market, 0.7 mile from hotel)
                         Casa Rio (on the River Walk, 1 mile from hotel)

Friday, March 7

0900 - 2130      Hospitality Room

1800                 Meet in the Hospitality Room to go to Schilo's
                         Delicatessen.  Walk or drive or trolley. 1 mile from
                         hotel. Wiener Schnitzel, sauerkraut, brown bread, apple
                         streusel a la mode, iced tea. $18 per person.

Saturday, March 8

0900 - 1500      Hospitality Room

1000                 Association Business Meeting and Election of Officers,
                         Hospitality Room

1500                 Group picture and tour of The Alamo

1830                 Association Dinner, Hospitality Room

                         Sliced beef brisket, sausage, potato salad, pinto beans,
                         coleslaw, bread, condiments, iced tea. $11 person.

                         Addresses by Past President, Incoming President, 1st
                         Battalion 14th Field Artillery Commander or Command
                         Sergeant Major.

Sunday, March 9

0900 - 1200      Hospitality Room

1200                 Farewell, Hospitality Room